Apple Celebrates ADA Anniversary with Featured App Listing

The 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act is this Sunday, July 26th. This historic act was a major step towards eliminating discrimination against people with disabilities. To celebrate Apple is featuring some of their favorite accessibility apps on the front page of the App store.

You can find out more about ADA from the official ADA web site.

Accessibility = Downloads for Twitterific

Accessibility is not just the right thing to do but but also good business sense. That is what Icon Factory discovered when their VoiceOver supporting Twitter app was featured by Apple this week in a segment titled “Popular Apps Using VoiceOver.”

In a blog entry posted on their website today Craig Hockenberry shared that Twitterific saw a bigger spike in downloads after being featured for their VoiceOver support than they did when they updated to support the Apple Watch.

Check out the blog entry here.

Tip: Enable an Audible Alert When You Plug in a Mac

We are heavy Mac users here at Access Ninja, but one complaint we have is that the Mac gives no audible feedback when you plug in your laptop’s power supply. Luckily the people over at Mac OS X Daily shared this tip that makes your Mac play a tone when power is plugged in just like on an iPhone or iPad. The best part is it only requires cutting and pasting a small line of text from their website into the Terminal app.

Their website has detailed instructions which you can follow here, but if you are already familiar with how to use the terminal just copy the follow text:

defaults write ChimeOnAllHardware -bool true; open /System/Library/CoreServices/ &

Netflix Begins Adding Audio Description to Their Videos Starting With Daredevil

After experiencing some embarrassment around releasing a show about a blind super hero without audio descriptions for the blind viewers, Netflix has announced they will begin adding audio description tracks to Netflix. The first show to support this is the Netflix exclusive Daredevil which as of April 14th.

Addition content will begin providing audio descriptive tracks in the coming weeks starting with Netflix’s exclusive shows. You can read more on Netflix’s blog and in this article from the Washington Post.

Apple Watch Officially Blind Friendly

An Apple Watch with a large print watch face sits in front of an iPhone displaying accessibility features.

A recent update to the Apple website has officially revealed that the Apple Watch will ship with support for VoiceOver, Dynamic Type, and Zoom.

Apple Watch comes with some powerful accessibility features. Like Zoom, a built-in magnifier. VoiceOver, so you can hear what’s on your screen. And Larger Dynamic Type, which makes text easier to read. And they’re all built in and easy to turn on, either through the device itself or by using the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

There have been several signs that Apple’s new smartwatch would come with support for VoiceOver through examination of the developer tools and an off hand comment made by Tim Cook but until now it had not been officially confirmed.

Details around how VoiceOver will work on this new device have not been explained but Apple has been slowly releasing new details as the watch comes closer to its final release on April 24th. Preorders will begin on April 11th and at that time demo versions of the watch will be available at Apple retail locations.