Apple Watch Officially Blind Friendly

An Apple Watch with a large print watch face sits in front of an iPhone displaying accessibility features.

A recent update to the Apple website has officially revealed that the Apple Watch will ship with support for VoiceOver, Dynamic Type, and Zoom.

Apple Watch comes with some powerful accessibility features. Like Zoom, a built-in magnifier. VoiceOver, so you can hear what’s on your screen. And Larger Dynamic Type, which makes text easier to read. And they’re all built in and easy to turn on, either through the device itself or by using the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

There have been several signs that Apple’s new smartwatch would come with support for VoiceOver through examination of the developer tools and an off hand comment made by Tim Cook but until now it had not been officially confirmed.

Details around how VoiceOver will work on this new device have not been explained but Apple has been slowly releasing new details as the watch comes closer to its final release on April 24th. Preorders will begin on April 11th and at that time demo versions of the watch will be available at Apple retail locations.