Accessibility of the USS Midway, Pearl Harbor, and More.

In this episode Rachel talks about her recent trip the the USS Midway in San Diego. Jonathan reflects on accessibility features from his visit to Pearl Harbor.



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Show Notes

USS Midway Accessibility

This American Life: Somewhere in the Arabian Sea

Is Pearl Harbor Accessible?

#30 – Accessibility Travel News And How To Tell If You Got Hacked

In this episode, Jonathan and Rachel discuss a wheelchair accessible tour of Machu Picchu, United adding accessible in flight entertainment options, and how to tell if your email or passwords have been compromised in various hacks.



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Show Notes:


Machu Picchu now wheelchair accessible: CNN Travel:

Op-Ed: Airlines should follow United lead on seat-back IFE accessibility:


Hasso-Plattner: Is someone spying on you?

Have I been pwned?


#28 – New Year’s Resolutions, 2020 Paralympic Games, and The Bird Box Challenge

Happy New Year to all you Access Ninjas! In this episode, Jonathan and Rachel discuss their New Year’s resolutions, the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games’ dedication to accessibility, and the Bird Box Challenge.



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Show Notes:

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business by Charles Duhigg:

Getting Things Done:

Create Flow with Omnifocus:

Omnifocus for Mac:

Omnifocus for iOS:

Tokyo Paralympics aim to leave legacy of accessibility:

Bird Box Challenge:

17 year old Utah Teen crashed a pickup truck while she covered her eyes:

#24 – iOS 12 Update

In this episode, Jonathan and Rachel discuss updates to iOS for the iPhone and iPad. They also talk about National Disability Employment Awareness Month, Halloween, and more.



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Show Notes

National Disability Employment Awareness Month:

Jonathan and his dog Connor’s videos without audio description:

Jonathan and his dog Connor’s videos with audio description:

#22 – Real Life Accessibility Drama at the Movies!

In this episode, Rachel and Jonathan share a new tech tip and talk about personal stories and legal rights around audio description at movie theaters.



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Show Notes:

TechTip: Fleksy and alternative keyboard for iOS and Android phones.

What is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)?

ADA Title III of the ADA Requiring Movie Theaters to Provide Closed Movie Captioning and Audio Description

Actiview: App for listening to movie audio descriptions live on your iPhone.